Thursday, September 05, 2002

So, Rick and I have decided against the Barbie Dream House. The seller did not like our offer. Of course we were offering their asking price and to make some minor repairs. Really I don’t think they wanted to sell their house. Mrs. “Seller” told me she didn’t want to move until next year. And why is their house on the market?

Way too many houses later, I think we found a keeper. We made an offer and they accepted. Now we are waiting to see if they agree to make some repairs. With any luck they will. If they don’t we will be homeless, again. We are closing on the sale of our home in about 30 days.

Jack is doing fairly well. His nanny is not doing so fine. He is cutting molars and everyday is a fuss fest. This morning, he thought it would be a great idea to wake-up at 4:00. Not even the dogs are up that early.