Friday, July 19, 2002

Had jury duty this week, so I was away from ye olde keyboarde for more time than I'd like. For once, I came out feeling like the good guys won. It was a criminal, rather than a civil court, so it wasn't two people gouging each other for cash. This was a misdemeanor assault. However, I suspect there was more than that, because the victim's statement and the defendant's statements obviously came from parallel universes. They couldn't have been more different. What? People lie on the stand to help their case. Shocked! I am shocked to find out gambling goes on here!

On the Jackson front, we have toddling. He can manage about 5-10 steps before falling over, and we have to lure him away from cruising along furniture by offering toys and saying "come to Daddy." He's getting better and better day by day. At this rate, he'll be walking all the time by this time next week.