Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Little bytes of stuff:

The big news is that Heather's old boss gave her a call last week, offering her a great new job. We've been doing the "find child care" dance since then, and made it out the other side. Now, we just have to deal with the guilt.

The upside of it is that we got a second car seat, so now when I take Jack on my weekend walkabouts to bookstores and the like, we get to ride in Dada's car.

Looking at most of the weblogs I surf, I noticed that most of them talk about politics and news and such. I don't for a simple reason: I don't have anything useful to add. (Not that it stops most folks.) Better to be quiet and seem the fool than to open my mouth (fingers?) and prove it for all to see.

Oh, and the geeks out there reading, check out my ebay auctions. There's a lot of White Wolf RPG stuff out there, and some comics as well.