Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Well, Jack just keeps coming up with new tricks. At this rate he'll be driving a car any day now. He can feed himself (though it's really messy), pull himself up to his feet and (more importantly) get back down to a crawl/seat by himself. The second step is very important, because it means he doesn't get hacked off at being "stuck" standing and yell for help. He's started cruising too. (For the uninitiated, that means he pulls himself up and "walks" along couches and the like, using them as support. He can even make the hop from couch to coffee table to easy chair without tumbling down (much). It's just amazing to see the enthusiasm in his eyes as he zooms down the hall at top speed. Of course, in a year or two, he won't be happy without the complete Toy of the Week action set. But for now, just crawling is all the entertainment he needs. The drawback, of course, is that he isn't happy unless he's crawling around, getting into things. We definately have to get a TV cabinet (among other babyproofing needs) and soon.