Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Well, the hits just keep on coming.

Jack:Jack's crawl/scoot ratio has climbed to 80/20. Generally, he only scoots now when he "trips" over something (generally one of the toys in the baby-habitat) while crawling. He's eating real food about one meal in three these days too. He really likes it when we put a bunch of fruit (mango and banana, mostly) in a food processor and turn it to mush. He's gotten a lot better about feeding himself too. He pretty much has down how to grab a small chunk of food (piece of banana, pear cube, pasta, etc) and jam it in his mouth. His previous problem was grabbing it in the heart of his fist so he couldn't make the hand/mouth transfer. Jack really loves to crawl and generally gets pissed if we hold him too long. Jack and I also have some regular father/son activities. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings while Heather is in class, we go out to the park and fly a kite. He likes to watch the kite and the other folks in the park. I like that it's quiet. Also, on Wednesdays, I take him to the comic book store with me. He likes going for car rides, and it gives Heather a little time to work on school work.

Rick: For various reasons, I've sworn off caffeine. My addiction had grown without bounds thanks to the free soda at work. Well, I went cold turkey last Friday and haven't had any since then. I'm surprised that the withdrawl headaches haven't been too bad, but I'm a total slack-jawed zombie. Thank goodness my office doesn't have anything comfortable to lay on, or I'd be taking naps left and right. I also have to get a second draft of a writing project in by the end of the month. I've done all the changes my editor asked for, but I have to expand some sections before I send it back in. Sadly, Jack wants to stay up later these days, so I don't have a lot of time to write.

Heather: Heather has two more weeks of school left, so she's doing lots of math and working on projects for her art history class.