Monday, April 15, 2002

Been a busy week.

Jack crawls about 50% of the time, the rest of the time, he scoots. He's very fast either way. He's also good at pulling himself up to his knees either in the baby-corral or his crib. He can hang onto something and stand pretty well too, and we see him trying to pull himself from his knees to his feet. I remember when he couldn't hold his head up. Sigh. Sunrise.... Sunset... Sunrise... Sunset...

On the food front, he's getting better at stuffing food in his craw all by himself. Once, he even jammed a whole wagon wheel (rice cake) in his mouth. He had a pretty funny expression, but managed to keep it in. The dogs love that Jack is feeding himself. This morning, he was next to me in his high chair with a wagon wheel while I ate breakfast and read an article in Parenting Heather flagged for me. I hear Jack giggle and look up to see the dogs licking his food-covered hands. This is going to be trouble.

Also, mad props to my friend Greg Morrow for buying the exercise bike that's been gathering dust in a corner since we got the dogs. That bike never really got past the clothes rack stage, but it did serve one important purpose: it got Heather into Buffy. You see, in the morning, I would ride the bike and watch a taped episode of the show. Eventually, Heather started asking questions like "I thought Willow was dating Oz, why is she kissing Xander?" and such. From there, it was a quick hop from "I'm just curious" to "okay, okay, I like the show."