Friday, April 05, 2002

Jack had his 9 month checkup today. He's doing great and is in the 80th percentile for height, weight, head size, etc. He's scooting and able to sit up on his own. He's got 5 1/2 teeth in (two on the bottom, three on top with another breaking through on top). He gurgles all the time, and should be saying his first words in the next couple of months. We went back to Babies R Us to get another wall-mounted baby corral piece and turned the formal dining room into a babyproofed play-area. This lets him scoot around without us getting worried about what he'll get into.

We had our first interview with the social worker Thursday. She was very nice and didn't grill us as much as we thought might happen. Also, no white glove treatment of the house, though she did look the place over and we had spent the past couple of days cleaning up. We have to do more paper chasing, but we're mostly blocked by the slow process of getting certified documents out of various states.

Monday, April 01, 2002

The INS sent us a receipt for the money orders we sent for the paperwork and fingerprint checks we sent last week. The envelope was hand-written, which is kind of nice - a person opened our letter and sent us a reply. I just started reading Karin Evans' The Lost Daughters of China - a book about one family's experiences adopting from China. It was interesting to see how their thoughts mirrored ours. One thing I would have liked to have seen (and maybe it shows up later on) is more about the stage of the process we're in right now (and the next one). The author mentions all the paperwork, but I'm midway through Chapter two and they're in China already. The paperwork phase got kind of glossed over, though they certainly captured the way it feels to have your lives under a microscope.

On the Jack front, he's scooting around very quickly now. We have to give serious thoughts as to how to child-proof the living room. We've been kicking around ideas since before Jack was born, but now we have to get down to business. He loves to grab phone cords and power cables. It used to be that, if we needed to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen or just out of the room for more than five seconds, it was okay, because Jack couldn't go anywhere (or certainly not very far). We're re-thinking how we do things now. Jack gets to sit in his high-chair and bang a plastic bowl (his new favorite toy) onto the tray while we eat instead of playing on the floor.

We went to have Jack's picture taken with bluebonnets. A long drive to Brenham for it, but the pictures were worth it. Thankfully, the rain didn't roll in until that evening. Easter was kind to Jack. He got a few toys and some animal crackers. The dogs love the crackers so he has to eat them in his high-chair rather than on the floor. Jack's not ready for chocolate bunnies, but Heather and I each had one for him.