Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Another pile of paperwork goes off to be shuffled by a bureaucracy. The first stack of papers went out to the INS. Also, our social worker will be by next Thursday for the first of many home studies. Again, I am glad they're making sure that we aren't serial killers or clowns or something, but it shouldn't be this crazy.

Also, I was talking to another dad at work, and kvetched about Jack's erupting front teeth. He looked at me and said his kid was cutting molars, which (as all parents know) are the worst to erupt, since they're not sharp like the others. So, I guess it could be worse.
Oh joy. Jack is cutting teeth again. His top two incisors are coming in. This translates to cranky baby who was up half the night. On the plus side, he's got a new game: scooting across the room in a commando crawl. Project: Baby-Proofing begins now. He's mobile!

My brother, Chase, is staying with us for a little while as he slowly moves down from Chicago. We spent the past few months emptying out the guest bedroom and he filled it up in half an afternoon, with half a U-haul still to unload. Most of it is still boxes, so he shouldn't overflow too much. He's made himself at home. Last night, he caught up on all the comics that had come in since he came down for Christmas and the TV's been tuned to ESPN for the first time since then as well.

From the Geek Front: I've started a second weblog Geek Thoughts so that folks who just want to hear about Jack and our adoption saga don't get distracted by my ramblings about geek-stuff.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Another one for the "kids really change your life" file: Yesterday we ran errand, paid bills, and got Jack to sleep for his afternoon nap. What do we do? Sleep, of course. My Sunday afternoon naps are about the only thing that keeps me from wrapping my Saturn around a telephone pole Monday mornings. Last night, Heather and I were talking about how we used to be bored, with nothing to do. That's parenthood for you - there's always something to do.

From the Geek Front: Okay, I get that he's not hip. He hasn't been hip since the 70's, but darn it, someone should be bidding on my collection of Jack Kirby Mister Miracle comics. Oh well, the fact that my Destroyer books did so well is some comfort.