Friday, March 22, 2002

Nothing much to report this week.

Adoption Update: We're still filling out forms and gathering Official Documents[tm]. Yesterday, we went to the local police station to get pieces of paper that say we aren't viscious criminals. I finished my autobiography last night. My next project is to fill out the financial forms, saying that we have enough scratch to support a second kid. While I agree that the kids need to be coming into a good home, sometimes I think it's just too darn hard to do this. Heather is doing the majority of the work, and it's like a part-time job for her. If not for Jack, it'd be a full time job. Frankly, if we win the lottery, the first thing we're going to do is pay someone to do all this paperwork.

From the Geek Front: We're got an iMac that I bought and a PC that work gave me. I am a Mac Person. Heather is not. With the work PC in the house, most of the "this mac sucks" friction comes from the fact that the scanner and printer are hooked up to the Mac, and not the PC, so she can't print or scan in pictures without using the devil's machine. So, being a good husband, and since she's got so much stuff to print out these days I decide it would be the gentlemanly thing to hook the scanner and printer into the PC. So, after we get Jack down, I plug the printer and scanner into a new USB hub and start installing software. Two hours later, I realize you just can't get there from here. I need NT 4.0 on the PC so I can do all the work stuff the corporate masters gave me the PC to do. But the printer and scanner software for NT 4.0 don't like USB hubs. I knew I was beat when, after installing the scanner software, I pulled up the help, clicked on my configuration and the help told me that I needed to return the scanner and buy a different one. So, they're back on the Mac again, and we've got a spare USB hub.

Monday, March 18, 2002

Once again, real life takes away time that should be spent blogging.

Adoption update: We've received our info packets are are busy typing up our life stories so that the social worker doing our homestudy can approve us. The autobiography part is 7 pages of questions ranging from question 1a: When did you first start thinking about adoption? to question 21b: Have you ever been rejected or been the target of an unfavorable home study? Please explain. The section on my high school life alone took half an hour. Gah.

My answers:

1a: Like most people, I had not really considered adoption, thinking it was something done when one couldn’t have biological children. However, after talking with Heather (who is adopted herself), I’ve come to realize that adoption isn’t just about filling an empty space in a family. Adoption is just another way of adding a child to a family, and it has the added benefit of giving a home to a child who needs one.

21b: No

Sunday, March 17, 2002

My son is a tool user:

Last night Rick and I made pizza for dinner. As usual Jackson was playing with his Cheerios and Goldfish, occasionally eating one, but mostly playing. I gave him a piece of my pizza crust just to see his reaction. He actually mashed it with his jaws until the bread became soggy. Then he smashed the soggy end of the bread into a Cheerio and ate the Cheerio off the bread. He is a genius. Sure to the untrained observer it was just by accident but I know better.