Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Web-Tricks for dummies: I added a counter to the blog to see how many fans we have. Are we not nifty?

Monday, March 11, 2002

Heather and I went to a meeting for folks interested in Great Wall China Adoption on Saturday. Got to meet a guy who's been through the process, and another couple a step behind us in the paperwork. We learned a lot, mostly that the paperwork is going to be painful. For instance, we don't just need certified copies of our birth certificates and marriage license. They have to be notarized by the secretary of state of the state where it happened and the Chinese consulate that services that state. Now, if Heather and I had been born and married in the same state, this wouldn’t be so bad. But we’re sending papers, certified letters and checks all over the country to get this stamp or that one.

The more research we do about adoption, the crazier the system seems. It’s almost like the system is set up to make sure that parents who want to adopt children are kept from adopting children who need parents. Now, I am 100% behind any paperwork and background checks that keep the wrong parents from getting children. Similarly, I am 100% behind checks to make sure that the children are properly represented to adoptive parents.

But this is ridiculous. There are children out there, not just in America but around the world who need someone to take care of them. Many of them are suffering from neglect or bone-crushing poverty. And, there are plenty of families out there who not only can help these children, but want to. It seems to me that the tough part of the screening process should be the studies to make sure that freaks aren’t making a child’s bad situation worse. It shouldn’t be a marathon through bureaucracies.