Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Since he was eating so well, I thought Jackson might like to try wagon wheels. For those who are not familiar with baby/toddler food, they are wheel shaped rice cakes. After the mess of biter biscuits, I decided to put him on a blanket and let him go. I tried without much luck to get him to taste one, but they make wonderful toys. Arden sat just out of reach, while he played. He rubbed them on the blanket, waved them in the air, and broke them into pieces. Finally after 30 minutes of play, most of which he spent sitting on the broken pieces, he lost his balance and fell over. That is when Arden went in for the steal. While I was trying to sit-up and de-fuss Jackson, she was ate the broken pieces he had been sitting on. At least she waited until they were out of his hand.
Okay, the end is in sight for various things. We're over the Big Hurdle at work, and just have to re-check a couple of things before this pig gets out the door, and we get to start pushing a new boulder up the mountain.

The writing project for White Wolf is in the home stretch. Only a few more beasties to detail and then it's off to the editor Friday night for mockery and comments. Heather is doing the "I told you so" dance, because it's down to the wire (with a week's extension) and I’m frazzled. New babies and writing are unmixy things for me.

I almost hate to say this because it will curse us, but I think Jack is over all of his various icks, because he’s back to eating like Roman the Wonder Dog. For the longest time, he just wasn’t interested in eating, but now chows down on heaping bowls of rice cereal and Second Foods baby foods.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Bloody heck, it has been a while. Let me recap.

  • Rick got the flu, is up to a deadline at work and with a writing project.
  • Heather had 2 tests.
  • Jack remains very cute. He is scootching forward to reach toys quite often and appears to be on the verge of crawling.
  • Neither of us care about the Olympic skating scandal.

More thoughtful posts will follow once various deadlines pass.