Friday, February 08, 2002

BIG news of the day.

While feeding Jackson lunch today, I discovered another tooth has erupted. That now makes a grand total of two teeth. Rick and I were starting to wonder if he would ever get another one. It was about a month between number one and two.

We have started Jack on chunkier foods. The frozen bagel Katy suggested for teething was such a big hit; next week we are trying wheat toast. I think the dogs were more impressed with the bagel, hoping Jack would eventually drop something for them. I am sure it won’t be long before he is dropping snack off his tray.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Just a short thought, really. Do folks who write slash fanfic for Queer As Folk have Brian and Lindsay or Ted and Melanie hooking up? I'd surf the web to find out, but I'm chicken. ;>

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

A morning where I shoulda stayed in bed.

Jack was up for some time in the wee hours of the morning. Largely my fault, as I did my "hey, sweetie" routine, which made sure he was more awake and alert and thus harder to put back down. (Bad Daddy!)

So anyway, for some reason, the dogs let us sleep until 6:30 (which meant I had to hustle to get out the door at 7:00). In retrospect, they must have been plotting against us. For the past few days, it's been gray and rainy, which (as always) turns our backyard into mud soup. So, when I let them out into the front yard to do their post-breakfast business, I assumed (foolish me!) that they'd do what they usually do when it's cold and rainy: zip out, do their biz, and zip back in. Not this morning. I guess they saw a cat or something, because they tore off across the street.

As I said, it's dark and gray, as are the dogs. They also didn't have their collars on. So, I'm now in panic mode that they're going to get lost and/or run over. I run back into the house and grab the box of dog-treats. Normally, a good shake of the treat-box and they teleport to my side. But, when I return to the front door, the dogs are nowhere to be seen, even after a vigorous shake of the box. Now, I'm in full panic mode, and running to get leashes and my shoes. Heather (still in pajamas) runs down the street and spots the dogs, about a block away. Thankfully, we are able to wrangle the dogs into leashes and back into the house.

I think we've learned our lesson. Always put 'em on leashes if we're going to let them out into the front yard, rain or shine. Either that or get the backyard re-done.

Monday, February 04, 2002

Well, Jack is doing better as of this morning. He isn't sleeping too well, which means nobody's sleeping that well. The biggest problem is that the steroid treatments get him really wired, and keep him up way past his bedtime. He's not a cranky child, he just wants to play until close to 10:00 PM (as opposed to his normal bedtime of 7:30 PM). Thankfully, he only has to do those for another day.

So, not much sleep or free time for the next few days. Dunno how (or if) I'll make my deadline, but at least I've got a good excuse and it's the first I've blown.